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The Cannabis Cheese Strain

The cannabis cheese strain is a complex flavour that is highly sought-after among true cannabis connoisseurs. If you fall into this camp, a strong, savoury flavour like the one provided by Cheese strains could be just what you're looking for.


Cheese is world-famous, along with the strains that were used to create this hybrid cultivar. Today, there are all sorts of Cheese variants that trace back to the genetics of the original Cheese. Cheese strains are renowned for providing a spicy, savoury flavour, in contrast to the sweet, fruity, and herbal flavours found in some other strains.

The terpenes of Cheese are actually quite varied and come together to form its powerfully pungent smell. The rancid smell of octanoic acid merges with the sweet, fruity tones of methyl tert-butyl ether and ethyl methyl acetic acid. There is also isovaleric acid, combined with more foul-smelling terpenes like hexanoic acid (which smells of barnyard animals) and methyl mercaptan (which smells like rotten cabbage).

That sounds like quite the crowded and eccentric palate. Indeed, this combination of aromas is not to everyone's taste. Yet in the same way, cheese that tastes delicious can smell horrendous, Cheese strains have their appeal.

There is, after all, an umami effect with Cheese strains; a sensation of a smoother taste that takes the edge off the strong aromas.

Cheese also produces many THC-potent trichomes, delivering a relaxing, blissful high. It is employed in the relief of pain, anxiety, and depression, as well as in restoring appetite. It makes sense that this speciality would become so popular. But where did it even come from in the first place?


The original Cheese strain emerged in the 1980s under mysterious circumstances. Legend has it that California cultivator Sam “the Skunkman” moved to the Netherlands to get serious about growing. He brought with him the iconic strain of his creation, Skunk #1. This became popular among Dutch cultivators because of its quick turnaround time. A recurring problem, however, was that the smell from the plants was too strong; so strong it would be hard to avoid attracting unwanted attention. When one batch of Skunk seeds found its way to the UK in 1988, something peculiar happened.

A cultivator in South East England found that the resulting plant had a distinctly cheesy stench. Noting the massive yields from this plant, they cloned it and saw its success spread throughout the UK. It proliferated at several festivals and alternative communities throughout the 1990s, becoming the strain of choice for those in the budding rave scene. Whatever happened to that batch of seeds, it resulted in creating a Cheese cannabis plant. The strength of its taste and its high led to increased demand. Today, it's pretty common throughout the UK and in any jurisdiction where cannabis is legal.


This shouldn't be an especially difficult plant to grow under the right conditions. It tends to result in a plentiful yield of buds with THC contents of around 17%. Cheese strains are resilient and flower over a period of around 8–9 weeks. This strain can handle fluctuations in humidity, but make sure the temperature stays between 21–26°C or 70–80°F.

When given enough light and room to flourish, Cheese strains can exceed 200cm in height. If growing indoors, make sure you have enough space or feel confident with training techniques to reduce height. Furthermore, you could sidestep the space issue entirely with Royal Cheese Automatic. Most Cheese strains grow bushy, so some light pruning/defoliation may be helpful to maximise bud production.


Royal Cheese (Fast Flowering) is the kind of strain you can address as “Her Highness”. This pungent plant has been developed with the intention of spreading those classy and monarchical highs, with its cured cheese fragrances instantly entrancing the nostrils. She came into existence after an old-school Skunk fell in love with Afghan plants, and the rest is history.

Indoor growers can expect this cultivar to reach approximately 150cm in stature. Outdoor growers will see their plants stretch up to 250cm, which will require strong support considering the sheer weight of the buds. The flowering period lasts for approximately 6–8 weeks, however, some growers prefer to keep this variety in flowering for an additional 2 weeks to develop more pronounced effects.

Royal Cheese (Fast Flowering)

Old School Skunk x Afghani - Balanced, Clear, Stoned


This eager Cheese autoflower will produce buds in no time. Growers who want to fill up their stash jars as quickly as possible with cheesy cannabinoids should strongly consider involving this plant in their operations. From seed to harvest, Royal Cheese Automatic finishes its life cycle in 10 weeks, producing fully ripe and trichome-covered buds that induce relaxing, physically stoned sensations.

This plant doesn’t surpass 100cm in stature; it’s a stealthy plant. Because it grows short and flowers quickly, it’s a great strain for novice growers. All one needs is to water the plants, give them their required nutrients, and show them an abundance of love. We know, it’s cheesy, but love is what Royal Cheese Automatic requires, get used to it.

Royal Cheese Automatic

Cheese x Royal Critical x Ruderalis - Physically Relaxing, Stoned


Blue Cheese sounds like the most intense cannabis variety in terms of its fragrance, however, the term “Blue” doesn’t refer to the mould present in these cheeses, but to the Blueberry genetics, this strain comprises. The cheese and berry aromas entangle the consumer in something truly special. Physically baked sensations with some interesting contemplative thoughts are uncovered upon enjoying this Indica-dominant delicacy.

Indoors, Blue Cheese reaches 100–160cm in stature and 140–200cm when grown outdoors. It’s a relatively short photoperiod strain that finishes its flowering phase in 7–8 weeks. Blue Cheese produces solid yields amounting to 500–550g/plant when grown in outdoor environments. Considering its short stature, this plant definitely produces a solid amount of flavoursome buds, which become covered in a beautiful crystal blanket.

Blue Cheese

Original Cheese x Oregon Blueberry Blend - Clear, Physically Relaxing, Stoned


When Cheese, Blueberry, and ruderalis genetics decided to have a tantric threesome, Blue Cheese Automatic came to light. The cerebral and uplifting effects of this Cheese variety deliver wild musings surrounding the inherent nature of Blue Cheese Automatic and what it represents to the human species. The sweet and fruity flavours provide enthusiasts with a delightful cannabinoid-filled treat.

From seed to harvest, it takes Blue Cheese Automatic around 9–10 weeks to fully mature those fruity and cheesy buds. It’s a petite strain, reaching 40–70cm in height indoors and 60–110cm outdoors. It’s a perfect “luxury” for guerrilla growers who require a stealthy strain for their operations. Outdoor growers receive approximately 60–110g/plant, while indoor growers can expect 325–375g/m2.

Blue Cheese Automatic

Blueberry x Cheese x Ruderalis - Clear, Uplifting


This variety was realised after we decided to mix Cheese, Juanita la Lagrimosa, and ruderalis genetics into a single CBD-rich hybrid coined Fast Eddy Automatic CBD. This strain comprises 9% of THC and high levels of CBD, creating that sought-after balance of both major cannabinoids. The effects are quite mellow and clear, with a nice relaxing effect. The citrus flavours expressed by this cultivar perfectly complement the refreshing experience.

Indoor growers shall be blessed with 400–450g/m2 of buds, while outdoor farmers should expect approximately 80–130g/plant. This auto-flowering variety finishes its life cycle after 8–9 weeks and is perfect for growers who desire a quick batch of CBD-drenched buds.

Fast Eddy Automatic CBD

Cheese x Juanita la Lagrimosa x Ruderalis - Calming, Clear

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