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Music To Play For Your Plants To Stimulate Growth

Some studies say certain frequencies are better for certain plants, but we're not gonna get that deep into this. "Some studies caution against loud, rock music, but knowing some plant parents on The Sill team that like to jam out at home, and how wonderful their plant collections are, I don’t think you have to worry about playing the music you prefer," says Marino. To get you started, you'll find a few albums below that are perfect for your leafy companions.

Music for plants

A Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants by Stevie Wonder

Grammy-award-winning singer and songwriter Stevie Wonder recorded the soundtrack to accompany The Secret Life of Plants documentary. According to Pitch Fork, the film "never got a wide release in theaters and was never put out on VHS, DVD, or made available on streaming services." Though critics were brutal when this album came out, it's pretty nice on the ears. It's got that signature Stevie Wonder understated funk and Solange even credited the album as an influence for her most recent work, When I Get Home. A Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants is available to stream on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music.

Mother Earth's Plantasia by Mort Garson

This 1976 album has become a collector's treasure. The synthy sounds aren't the best I've ever heard, but it wasn't designed for me, or humans for that matter—it was made for plants. With tunes like "Symphony for a Spider Plant" and "You Don't Have To Walk a Begonia," you're bound to find a tune that your plant vibes with. Fittingly, NPR reports that the album was only for sale at Mother Earth plant store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles (or it came for free if you ordered a Simmons mattress from Sears). In the decades since it became a favorite elusive find for record and CD collectors. But last year, the album was re-released by the Brooklyn-based Sacred Bones Records. It is available to stream on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music.

Music for Plants: To Stimulate Plant Growth, Plant Music & Music for Gardens by Nature Song Artists

If you think your plants prefer more dulcet tunes, turn to this 2010 album by Nature Song Artists. The instrumental album features songs soothing enough to meditate to. Take a seat, set your intention, and join your plants on a mindful journey. If seated meditation isn't your jam, just caring for your plants counts as a form of active meditation. It is available to stream on Spotify and YouTube Music.

And of course, any other classic music because of the higher tone.

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