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What is Cannabis Dabbing

Cannabis consumers over the years have found new ways of consuming cannabis. Cannabis is mainstream and with that comes modern methods of consumption, including dabbing which has dominated the market in recent years.

So where exactly did dabbing come from and what it is?

Cannabis concentrates have been around as early as the 1940s, however, only in recent decades has it made a comeback with the modern consumer due to new methods of extraction that started with hash oil in the ’70s. Simply put, a cannabis extract is a specific type of cannabis concentrate, and is more potent than its natural form. Dabbing is the name given to the method of consuming the extract and is done using a dab rig. Let’s dive into how the traditional dab rig works.

Dabbing Basics

  • Step 1: Fill the water chamber with water. Do not overfill. You will need only enough to cover the percolator and a little extra.

  • Step 2: Start by heating the nail using a torch. You will aim the flame directly at the nail and heat it until it turns red hot.

  • Step 3: Once the nail has reached temperature and is hot, it is recommended to let the quartz nail cool off for about 45 seconds until the surface is not too hot. If you are using a titanium nail, let it cool down for another 10 seconds. It is recommended to use a timer.

  • Step 4: Using the dabber, take a very small amount of concentrate to load up the nail. Remember, concentrates are very high in THC, so using a piece the size of a crumb is the best place to start. Once loaded, the concentrate will start to vaporize and you can begin inhaling slowly. Rotating the dabber tip on the nail can help prevent wasting any oil stuck to the dabber.

  • Step 5: Cover the dab with a carb cap and finish inhaling—a cap will help regulate the airflow. Always cap your dabs.

  • Step 6: Exhale and enjoy!

Words of caution:

Always remember to be careful with the nail once heated. It gets extremely hot and should be handled with care. Also, with dosing, it is important to start slow. Do not use more than a crumb of extract to start with.

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